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REACH Human Capital is a women-and employee-owned boutique human resources/talent management consulting firm. REACH is the Mid-South’s premier human resources and talent management consulting firm. Affiliated with Career Partners International, REACH can provide services from the local Memphis, TN marketplace, to around the world. Our leadership team consists of seasoned human resource professionals and business executives from a variety of industries. Our coaches and consultants know this community, offer unexcelled experience, and can recommend best practices in all areas of talent management. Contac

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Building Business Acumen
09  March  |   Post by: Agnes Pokrandt/Sr. Partner
How much business knowledge exists in your typical workforce? Can the average employee answer basic financial questions, such as, “What is our company’s earnings per share?” or “What is our co
3 Steps to Being More Like the Leader You Always Admired
28  February  |   Post by: Bill Catlette, Executive Coach/Partner
Along the way, we’ve all observed and noted better (I hesitate to use the word, “best”) habits practiced by leaders we have come into contact with. I’m willing to bet that most of those habits
Employee Handbook – Do You Have One? Have You Read It Lately?!
20  February  |   Post by: Barbara Hermann / Sr. Consultant
We congratulate you on the hard work, innovative ideas and perseverance that have led to growth of your company. You started with a small number of employees who understood the mission and bought int
Big Data vs. Big Listening – Can You Hear Me Now?
12  November  |   Post by: Bill Catlette, Executive Coach/Partner
If nothing else, the ’16 U.S. presidential election reminds us that there is a vast difference between polling/surveying and listening, both in methodology and outcomes. For better than a year, we
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