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  • Post by Barbara Hermann/Sr. Consultant

    17 April

    I just read an article about absenteeism and turnover in war industries during World War II. A prominent Senator suggested a “work or fight” rule. read more
  • Post by Bill Catlette/ Executive Coach/Partner

    10 April

    What if our leadership was like a gust of fresh air? read more
  • Post by Agnes Pokrandt/Sr. Partner

    09 March

    Business Acumen
    How much business knowledge exists in your typical workforce? Can the average employee answer basic financial questions, such as, “What is our company’s earnings per share?” or “What is our company’s profit margin?” Unfortunately, in most companies basic business knowledge seems to be relegated to the executive suite and the finance department. But, imagine for a moment the impact of an entire workforce that has a solid grasp on the fundamentals of good business. So? How do you go about . . . read more
  • Post by Bill Catlette, Executive Coach/Partner

    28 February

    Along the way, we’ve all observed and noted better (I hesitate to use the word, “best”) habits practiced by leaders we have come into contact with. I’m willing to bet that most of those habits are simple, straightforward, and have a high degree of commonality from one person to another. Here are three that stand out to me: read more
  • Post by Barbara Hermann / Sr. Consultant

    20 February

    We congratulate you on the hard work, innovative ideas and perseverance that have led to growth of your company. You started with a small number of employees who understood the mission and bought into it. Perhaps the growth of your company has involved so much of your attention that the idea of creating or updating an employee handbook has not surfaced lately. read more
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