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Coaching Overview

Coaching Overview

Developing Top Performers

Your employees want to be challenged. Surveys consistently say that the opportunity for career development is a strong predictor of job satisfaction. If your employees aren’t challenged, they will become less productive or perhaps find other opportunities. REACH Human Capital offers coaching (or skill building) on many topics, including communication, conflict management, negotiation, supervision, time management, project management, consulting, selecting and managing a consultant, and other topics identified as priority needs with the client. Each coaching program is customized after a careful assessment of current knowledge and skills as well as desired outcomes of the client.

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Reducing Turnover of Semi-skilled and Unskilled Workers
17  April  |   Post by: Barbara Hermann/Sr. Consultant
I just read an article about absenteeism and turnover in war industries during World War II. A prominent Senator suggested a “work or fight” rule.
Leadership & The State of the American Workforce
10  April  |   Post by: Bill Catlette/ Executive Coach/Partner
What if our leadership was like a gust of fresh air?
Building Business Acumen
09  March  |   Post by: Agnes Pokrandt/Sr. Partner
How much business knowledge exists in your typical workforce? Can the average employee answer basic financial questions, such as, “What is our company’s earnings per share?” or “What is our co
3 Steps to Being More Like the Leader You Always Admired
28  February  |   Post by: Bill Catlette, Executive Coach/Partner
Along the way, we’ve all observed and noted better (I hesitate to use the word, “best”) habits practiced by leaders we have come into contact with. I’m willing to bet that most of those habits
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