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Employee Culture Surveys

Employee Culture Surveys

REACH Human Capital specializes in assisting organizations in maximizing their most important asset – their people.

As a leader in an organization it is important to view your company through the front-windshield. REACH Human Capital has designed an employee culture survey that does just that. We help you identify whether the employee base understands the mission statement, guiding principles, customer service strategy and direction of the company. Our surveys measure Employee Engagement and Leadership Temperature. The surveys can be done with complete confidentiality via the internet or using printed surveys. We do all of the upfront/backend work, survey processing and report generation. Our survey reports breakdown each supervisor’s team rolling up to the CEO.

Surveys typically measure:

  • Employees’ perceptions of the Leadership Team
  • Employees’ perceptions of immediate supervision
  • Employee Relations
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Goal / KPI Congruence
  • Customer Knowledge Index
  • Any customized options

The surveys help companies identify and act on the following:

  • Benchmarking “true” leaders
  • Opportunities for recognition/rewards
  • Poor Morale/productivity
  • Information/commitment gaps
  • “Best practices” that already exist
  • Performance barriers
  • Vulnerability to external threats

Our survey has a vital signs section that can compare the same questions posed to employees of other companies.

Why conduct an employee survey? The same reason you audit books, get an annual physical exam, or take your car to a mechanic for preventative maintenance. See what we provide.

REACH Human Capital also offers consumer surveys rating the company’s customer service index.

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